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Hi, I'm Henry James Garrett and I write and draw under the moniker, Drawings of Dogs.

Before this, I was doing a PhD in Philosophy (on the subject of empathy and metaethics, if you must know).

But I dropped out due to anxiety.

I decided to focus on what I enjoyed most, drawings dogs saying amusing things to one another, and try to turn it in to my job. I've since branched out from dogs but I'm stuck with the name (it's ok really, dogs are still my favourites).

Since then, I've written, and illustrated an op-ed for The New York Times, created alternative Valentine's cards for The Fawcett Society, provided a feminist drawing of Meghan Markle's dog as a gift for her, cartooned for The i Newspaper, Buzzfeed, and London Pride, had solo exhibitions in London and a beautiful phonebox in Brighton, and licensed some designs to a wonderful greeting card company, UStudio.

If you'd like to support my work, buying one of the prints on this website is the best way to do so. And look out for my books coming soon(ish). 

Drawings of Dogs has all the social media:

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To contact me with love, hate, indifference, or with paid illustration work, email:
somewhatnicer [at] gmail [dot] com

You can also contact my incredible literary agent, Laura Macdougall of United Agents, here.

If you've read this far down, you deserve a discount code. Here one is. Type DRAWINGSOFDOGS in at the checkout and you can get your 4th print for free.

Below is a picture of my hound, Billie, as well as a picture of me and my love-partner, Kitty (in case you're interested, which you probably are).

The photo of Kitty and I was taken by Tania Gardner.